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Rottendog is the manufacturer of replacement boards for your pinball machine.

MPU9211 Williams System 9/11/11A/11B/11C MPU Board

This new replacement board will cover all System 9 games, as well as ALL System 11's (Including 11c's, 11b's, 11a's, and pure system 11's) The audio circuitry has been applied directly to the main board. No separate daughter board to worry about.

Game Listing:
Alley Cats (Shuffle) / Bad Cats / Banzai Run / Big Guns / Black Knight 2000 / Bugs Bunny Birthday Ball / Comet / Cyclone / Diner / Dr. Dude (Non-WPC machines) / Earthshaker / Elvira and the Party Monsters / F14 Tomcat / Fire! / High Speed / Game Show / Gold Mine (Shuffle) / Grand Lizard / Jokerz / Millionaire / Mousin' Around / Pinbot (most machines) / Police Force / Pool Sharks / Radical / Riverboat Gambler / Road Kings / Roller Games / Shuffle Inn (Shuffle) / Sorcerer / Space Shuttle / Space Station / Star Lite (very few machines were Sys 9) / Strike Zone (Shuffle) / Swords of Fury / Taxi / Tic Tac Strike (Shuffle) / Top Dawg (Shuffle) / Transporter / Whirlwind

Microprocessor €19,-  (2 pieces required)

Williams System 3-6 MPU / Driver - MPU327

MPU327- This board replaces both the MPU board AND the Driver board for ALL Williams System 3, 4, 6 &7 pinball games.

Benefits over original Williams MPU and Driver board:
- Eliminates the extremely problematic interconnect connector that fastens the original boards together
- Eliminates the need to swap out game ROMs.  Game ROMs are selectable via DIP switch
- Comprehensive on-board diagnostics using Leon's test code via DIP switch
- Uses 6802 instead of 6800 microprocessor
- Uses a single commercially available oscillator component for timing
- Uses Williams WPC style controlled lamp circuit design (TIP107)
- Uses Logic Level FET drivers for all solenoids and lamp controls
- Uses sockets for common failure components (micro, PIAs and RAM).
- Uses a low voltage reset to keep microprocessor from locking up

This game does use custom software that is NOT compatible with your original game's board set.
Updates to this software will, I'm sure, be modified over time and updates will be made available though this web site. 

Game Listing Pinballs:
Algar / Alien Poker / Blackout / Blackout / Contact / Disco Fever / Fire Power / Flash / Gorgar / Hot Tip / Laser Ball / Lucky Seven / Phoneix / Pokerino / Scorpion / Stellar Wars / Time Warp / Tri- Zone / World Cup


Williams / Data East AN Power Supply
- WDP3211A

WDP3211A - Power Supply compatible with all Williams System 3,4,6,7,9,11A and some 11B games.  It also compatible with all Data East Numeric pinball games.  See game listing below to see which games this supply supports. This board is a direct plug in replacement for the original OEM  power supply.  

Key Benefits:
- High Efficiency +5V section reduces heat dissipation
- +5V supply now set from +5.10V to +5.15V to reduce resets
- Test points added for all voltages generated on the board
- All new (not 15+ year old) components and PCB

Game Listings
ABC Monday Night Football / Algar / Alien Poker / Back to the Future / Banzai Run / Barracora / Big Guns / Black Knight / Blackout / Comet / Cosmic Gunfight / Contact / Cyclone / Defender / Disco Fever / F-14 Tomcat / Fire / Firepower / Firepower II / Flash / Gorgar / Grand Lizard / High Speed / Hot Tip / Hyperball / Joust / Jungle Lord / Laser Ball / Laser Cue / Laser War / Lucky Seven / Millionaire / Phantom of the Opera / Pharoah / Phoenix / Pinbot / Playboy 35th / Pokerino / Road Kings / Robo Cop / Scorpion / Secret Service / Solar Fire / Sorcerer / Space Shuttle / Space Station / Starlight / Stellar Wars / Swords of Fury / The  Simpsons / Time Fantasy / Time Machine / Time Warp / Torpedo Alley / Tri-zone / Varkon / Warlok / World Cup


Williams System 7&9 AN Display Set - DIS079

DIS079 - These boards are replacement LED displays for all Williams System 6a, 7 and 9 pinball games. They are made from an advanced LED technology that was not available when the original boards were made by Williams. We spent quite a bit of time matching the original color and brightness and are quite happy with the results.

Our boards are plug-and-play compatible with the original board set.  No special tools or mounting tricks are required and the swap can be done by even the most novice of "installers".

Benefits over original Williams displays (and other replacement boards):
- No High Voltage Required!  These will operate with a defective +/- 100V power supply
- No Fragile Gas Display!   This light weight LED display should last 10X longer than original displays
- Simple design ( 9 Integrated circuits, NO transistors)
- Through Hole Parts (ask your repair person what this means)
- All integrated components are current technology available from most distributors
- Boards come with complete set of schematics

Game Listing
Algar / Alien Poker / Baracora / Black Knight / Comet (make sure your boards match picture above) / Cosmic Gunfight / Firepower II / Jungle Lord / Laser Cue / Pharaoh / Solar Fire / Sorcerer / Star Light / Time Fantasy / Warlok

Game Listing Stern