Williams Whirlwind

Pat Lawlor / 1990 - 01 | 7,300 / System 11B

Before Pat Lawlor designed in 1992, The Addams Family (produced 20,000 pieces), he signed in 1990 for the design include Whirlwind (1990) and Funhouse (1990). However, the Whirlwind and Funhouse enjoy our personal preference to the Addams. To each his taste is not it?

This copy has been in operation for one year and came into possession in 1991 of a lover. Sixteen years later, the case moved to the state-balls game room.

This Whirlwind wrong together more than excellent condition with very little use tracks. Neat playing field and cabinet, bright ramps, printing and new, in short a picture.

However, it can even better: the previous owner has a playground and NIS NIS bought a plastic set in 1991. Both were also held. Despite more than excellent state of the flipper was decided to replace the old playing field by NOS playfield and plastic set.

A big job where necessary hours have been in. But it's been no more valuable. Beautiful to see in this state a pinball of this age.

This pinball machine has been equipped with a plastic Orbit protectorset, Cliffy hyper protectorset thin, mirror-glazed balls, new lamps, new rubbers, et cetera, et cetera. As the metal (bottom / top) is polished, sanded and / or been in the tumbler. The government has little worked: it was in excellent condition.