Williams Star Trek Next Generation

Steve Ritchie / 1993 - 11 | 11,728 / 
WPC - 89

Probably the best design Steve Ritchie ever made. Greg Freres did a fantastic job on the artwork. Williams Star Trek, the next generation. Released in November 1993. A total of 11.728 machines were produced.   
This pinball machine is loaded with features. The cannons, the Borg ship, the cellar holes, many wire rams, the subway ramp with diverters and...
Anyway, this machine is fun to play!
This particular machine served a very short duty on location. It is privately held since 1994. In the spring of 2010 it was added to our Hyperballs collection. And we're proud to have it!
Of course it could use some cleaning after 16 years. Therefore the plafield was stripped completely on the upper side and partially on the other side. 
Assemblies were taken care of, many parts were cleaned and polished and we spend some time waxing the playfield as well. But generally speaking one can say it was an easy job.
Of course a few things had to be renewed. Plastic posts, rubbers (yes, white of course), bumper caps and that sort of stuff. And the slingshot plastics. But that's about it. 
The ramps are in a very good condition. The plastics, the electronics and the several assemblies as well. A few minor scratches on the cabinet (head, the body is almost perfect). The playfield is in a dream condition. This is a "Pinball at Warp Factor 9".