Williams No Fear

Steve Ritchie / 1995 - 05 | 4,540 / 

From an optical point of view, this is one of the nicest restoration jobs we have done thus far. A NOS playfield, some NOS plastics, a new clear jump and catch reproduction ramp and a very nice cabinet with strong original colours. Check out the pictures and see the improvement!
Steve Ritchie did his magic again on this fast pinball machine.  He designed it for Williams in 1995. It was released in May and sold over 4500 units.
It's a typical Ritchie design. Kickback on the left, third flipper on the right and fast ball returns. And No Fear featured a magnetic ball accelerator that was used on The Getaway. No pop bumpers on this machine however and it had an automatic plunger.

Greg Freres and Pat MacMahon did the artwork on this machine. Steve Ritchie wrote the speech script together with Freres. Their voices are "Wiseguy" and "Skull".
It was the last machine Ritchie designed for Williams. In 1995 he saw pinball declining and decided to move back to California where he was hired by Atari.