Williams Funhouse

Pat Lawlor / 1990 - 12 | 10,747 / Wpc - 89

Funhouse Williams in 1990. There are about 10,750 copies produced. The designer Pat Lawlor which allows Williams spent a success again (after Whirlwind and Earthshaker).

A special pinball, not only because of the blue cabinet. It is the first out of the WPC-89 series of Williams. But still with the looks of a System 11 witness the alphanumeric display.

To make the new technique to communicate with the alphanumeric display is a special PCB made which is used only in the funhouse. Also was used in the first production units of the System 11 soundboard.

This flipper is provided with a replica of Illinois Pinball playing field with four layers of clearcoat. A brilliant reproduction with unfortunately one big drawback: partly not drilled and not gedimpeld at all. Much extra work to get everything in the right place.

All parts are reconditioned and, where necessary (partly) replaced. Newly installed include: plunger and left rigid posts, rubbers, most bumper parts, lamps, software, sleeves, switches, all plastics etcetera.

The new disasters are Pinballinc, Metal parts are cleaned and polished or have a number of days spent in the tumbler.

The government has very little traces of users and that is exceptional, the government is not discolored