Williams Cyclone

Python Anghelo, Barry Ousler / 1988 - 02 | 9.400 / System 11B

"We have a winner!" And it may be said, found after a long search in Bremen. A Williams Cyclone in aggregate statements.

Carefully restored by a previous owner. Sold to a collector in Bremen. It had to move in turn to a smaller space. He therefore sold his entire collection system 11. The Cyclone was the most beautiful and therefore moved to the hyper balls game room.

The entire playing field is removed from the mylar. Carefully updated and re-protected with a clear coat. As the previous owner described the court: "im traumzustand".

The ramps are clear and undamaged. The cabinet is superb and the printing finally be in a good condition. In short, we are happy!

This pinball machine dates from 1988. It is a design of Python Anghelo and Barry Ousler. These two also signed for the subject of PinBot which like the Cyclone highly rated in our personal pinball top fifty.

With this addition to my collection is our desire closer: a complete collection system 11 with all the top then.