Williams Black Knight 2000

Steve Ritchie / 1989 - 04 | 5,703 / System 11B

The successor to the original from 1980. Better? Less? Opinions differ. Just like the original and the sequel anyway. Had the original left and right "Magna save", the 2000, this only on the right side.

Left is replaced by the "Kickback". One of the favorite toys of the designer Steve Ritchie. The double flippers at the top have been replaced by a single flipper on the right side. Too bad that the ball control is not good.

The original is in that regard in terms of game less dependent on the luck factor then this system 11B variant. The artwork of Doug Watson (eg Tomcat, Indiana Jones, Attack from Mars) had after our idea may be a little less crowded.

Is there mention anything positive? Yes certainly. Brian Schmidt has this pinball features a brilliant sound. This was succeeded him at the Swords of Fury example.

The game is, as we know from Steve Ritchie, fast and direct. The rules called is simple but is for the novice or experienced players is always a challenge.,

This specimen is in excellent condition. The government is in mint condition and has nice bright colors. Trans Lite is perfect, the playing field is very good. Pretty little problem with mylar happy, which quite often occurs with cabinets of this generation. Magna Save is pretty neat compared to other ones.