Stern Spiderman Black

Steve Ritchie / 2007 - 11 | 500
Stern S.A.M. Board System

Frankly, we had given up hope already a bit yet to see something beautiful Ritchie. It is our favorite when it comes to pinball machines from the eighties and nineties. Black Knight, Getaway, Terminator, Star Trek, F-14 Tomcat in order just to name a few. The designs of Steve from the period mention are all real toppers.

After this period, it was still a number of years. When WPT and the dramatic attempt Elvis Presley came in a stern government to come to life (2004). We began to suspect the worst. But fortunately he shows with Spiderman that the old master design has not forgotten. Steve Ritchie is back in business!

Initially a demo model could use the game room as a temporary residence. After a few days we were convinced that this is a keeper. Therefore, this model quickly exchanged for a new one. And a limited special model: Spiderman Black.

The Black Edition has a number of changes compared to the normal version. For example, the black legs and side rails are replaced by chrome-plated embodiments. The government has a different color scheme as well as the trans-lite. The playing field is identical to that of the normal version.

Under the court's built a shaker motor. Finally, this case comes with a certificate of authenticity. This certificate states that it is one of the 500 copies produced.

However, it fails to indicate what number it is exact. Too bad that was slightly better ... The certificate is signed by Gary Stern, mind you.

Gorgeous cabinet, excellent rules hot, delicious flow and perhaps most importantly, according to the experts the first Stern Bally / Williams feeling in flippers. The display pinled I replaced a copy of Vishay. Here's how.