Data East Back To The Future

Joe Kaminkow, Ed Cebula /
1990-06 | 1200

Back to the future. To me your movie from the eighties, or rather film series from the eighties. Obviously, viewed in the cinema and then many times on video. And, frankly ... on DVD. Jeugdsentiment hot that I think :-) Data East put the issue on four legs in 1990. The design is by Joe Kaminkow and Ed Cebula

Michael J. Fox did his likeness have not drawn on this pinball. The man must have thought that his career was not helped by his appearance in bars and arcades. But where would his career have been benefited with it? Of this actor, we have not heard much after the eighties.

Instead of the actor Paul Faris signed his son on the court and the backglass. Faris which by the way, was not the first best. He had earned his spurs all the artwork, for example, Centaur, Paragon, Future Xenon and Spa. Each one works alone.

The voice of Michael is not heard. This lack is amply compensated by getting the sublime sound that Brian Schmidt from the Data East Sound board know. This sound board was otherwise superior to Bally / Williams cabinets from that time.

actually the BTTF rules hot proposes not so much. Balls locking and popping but those jackpots. Not so difficult. Why this pinball is so much fun? Exactly, youth sentiment J And if you do not know what I'm talking about, the bottom of the page you can find the trailers of the three films.

The playing field of these pinball shows very little signs of use. The plastics look neat and the metal disaster. Plastic disaster (the "flux capacitor") is clear, unfortunately, shows that in the middle a small hole with a few small eromheen barstjes.

The government is not colored and has suffered little from the ravages of time. The lockdown bar and side rails are here and there lost their black coating, but soon a second address. The boards are perfect. The display is replaced by a copy of Rottendog as the Power Supply board.

All added together, this pinball in a very good condition. Especially when you realize that it is a Data East Pinball. Try once again to be found in this age and in this state!