Capcom Airborne

Claude Fernandez / 1996-02 | 1350
Capcom A0015405

Second pinball designed by Capcom. Produced at a production rate of approximately 1200 units in the spring of 1996. At least, according to Mr. Pinball price guide. However Pinball Database has over 1350 pieces.

Claude Fernandez was responsible for the design of this cabinet. It would be his last. In the past he had, among other flippers Elektra, Baby PacMan and Spectrum designed.

Probably Mark Ritchie has held the hand of the designer. The center shots midway through the playing field, show a direct return on inlanes strikingly similar to that of the Fish Tales ...

Mark Ritchie, however, had some appointments run at Williams, his former employer. He could therefore not be formally involved in the design of this pinball.

This project was a solid job. The NOS playing field (PFR touchup and clear coat) was not gedimpled on the underside and upper side. That means invested in building up the necessary extra hours.

Parts are difficult to score and asks its construction more than routine. In addition, Capcom working on a project quite difficult and time consuming if you have no experience with it ...

This is the third Capcom in our possession which is in a more than excellent condition. Possibly in the future a Capcom Kingpin. Illinois Pinball was started again in 2010 with an inventory of any interested parties.
We say, put # 159 just wrong!