Bally The Shadow

Brian Eddy / 1994 - 11 | 4,247 / WPC - S

Spicy and challenging flipper Bally. Superb playing field in combination with the ugliest backglass which Bally / Williams ever made. Produced at the end of 1994 with a circulation of 4225 copies.

Brian Eddy was responsible for the design. This designer has only three designs to his name: Medieval Madness, Attack from Mars and The Shadow. The first is my view overvalued, the second estimated fair value and the third, finally, is undervalued.

This machine looks great. The cabinet is clean and not discolored. The headbox has new decals.

The (or?) Sanctum includes mylar at an early stage and still looks very good. The playing field is in a more than excellent condition.

These flipper had the "hyper balls treat". That means everything off the top. All assys at the top and bottom apart and overhauled. Screws, nuts and metal various winners in the tumbler.

Replaced all rubbers, rigid posts, lights, balls, legs, flipper bats, coilsleeves, coil stops, plunger & links and other common issues. The CPU board includes a ferroram. New Illinois Pinball plasticset it and last but not least, the wire ramps 24 gold plating. Hrrrrr!