Bally The Addams

Pat Lawlor / 1994 - 10 | 1,000 / WPC - 89

The Addams Family is the best-selling pinball ever. This model more than 20,000 copies have been produced from 1992. To celebrate there again produced 1,000 copies in 1994.

A special edition, which was called the Gold version. This is because of the golden legs, side rails and lockbar. But also because of the ditto accents on the playing field. The 1,000 copies are numbered and are next to a plaque on the front all with an accompanying certificate.

In our possession is number 270. The government has at the top right a few traces. Furthermore, it has no damage and is not vekleurd. replaced the golden elements of the Cabinet. The playing field is compared with the usual damage in a very good condition.

The frequent damage to the scoop under the electric chair is kept to a minimum in this particular copy. For the experts: the black border is still visible. Before this showpiece was placed, the playing field thoroughly overhauled in the hyper balls game room. Full of shopping, of course, the metal parts are polished and all plastics have been replaced.