Bally Scared Stiff

Dennis Nordman, Mark Weyna / 1996 - 09 | 4,028 / WPC - 95

This pinball machine has been bought by a collector in Austria. The carriage gave a lot of problems. At first, I turned on a conveyor international traffic between Italy and the Netherlands. These drivers drive on trucks that are not equipped with tail lift and pallet truck.

What did not know the driver, was weighing a pinball 80 :-) Lots of whining so, but a new experience. Ultimately, it is still managed by an Austrian carrier.

This Scared Stiff is in collector condition and includes a number of extras. The government is virtually undamaged. The playing field idem. The ramps are clear and all the bones are present and intact. Overall a pinball machine that fits in the hyper balls collection.