Bally Champion Pub

Pete Piotrowski / 1998 - 04 | 1,369 /
WPC - 95

One of the last recorded Bally / Williams pinball machines produced in 1998. By 1369 pieces is a machine that you do not often get.
Therefore, and for other reasons, a special pinball in our opinion.

The design is by Piotrowski. Who? Pete Piotrowski. His first and (at least for Bally / Williams) his final design. This guy was so good at designing or he did it for less money than the famous designers? Who knows. It's not a bad design. On the contrary, the concept is very charming. Qualifying for a fight and. .... lot mats on the boxer.

But perhaps that has weighed on the financial side in naming the designer. Which probably was the case for example, Monster Bash, Cactus Canyon and other cabinets from the last years of Bally / Williams. Indeed, so well did it in the industry. Cut down on design costs was obviously an obvious choice.

Big names from the eighties and early nineties (Steve and Market Ritchie, Pat Lawlor, Barry Ousler) were replaced by unfamiliar names such as Tom Kopera, George Gomez and Pete Piotrowski. There must be a financial reason underlain ...

And history repeats itself. Gary Stern was forced in 2008 to break the contracts with many designers. According to Stern because of the economic crisis, according to others, however, it was his punishment because of lack of innovation. Is it a harbinger, Stern closed its doors in 2010? But that's another story.

What else is special about this pinball? The more than 300 different quotes for example. That's a lot, a lot. And the different ball guides also very special. Metal rods (standard brass) in most places instead of the usual stainless steel guides.

And at the bottom also something fun: cable shoes at each coil. Convenient to repair, overhaul or restoration. No hassle with soldering, ff pulling and pushing and ready. This is also seen in include Medieval Madness, NBA Fastbreak, Monster Bash and Cactus Canyon. They should have thought of that before.

The government of this specimen has a nice body, the head has new decals. On the inside of the cup, the display is replaced by a new (Vishay), as well as the power driver board (Rottendog). Incidentally, meanwhile Hyper Balls the entire collection features the new signs. That means the next few years delightful carry on without power problems.

As indicated above, there are a lot of brass parts present on the playing field. These after dismantling a trip made to Jansen Chrome in Enschede. There they swam in a nice 24k goudbad and they look since better than ever before.

The playing field is NIS and features a beautiful clearcoat. NIS is also the main ramp, the jump bracket and some playfield plastics. Obviously the playing field with new paddles, posts plastics, rubbers and all metal parts a week stayed in the walnut centrifuge. At the bottom this time again reconditioned all assys.

The government is there with new legs, bolts and levelers finally neatly in. Because of the wide variety of colors combined with the gilded ramps and ball guides a very appealing and rewarding project.

"Welcome to Champion Pub, kid!"