Bally Cactus Canyon

Tom Kopera, Matt Coriale / 1998 - 10 |903 / WPC - 95

It is virtually impossible to find a perfect copy of this pinball. Not because there are only 903 pieces are made of. Frankly, the quality is just disappointing. Thus, for example, has to do with the notorious each Cactus Canyon sticker damage. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

But it can be said generally that the cabinets of originals look bad. The copy which is in the hyper-balls game room, is equipped with new decals. And thus the government looks together with new bolts and legs, perfect.

The playing field is a cactus in very good condition. Very little damage in the drop targets, no damage to the Keep Out sign. The playing field in the male Bart (top right) is not happy wear the infamous spot where the ball the playing field comes up.

The skill-shot disaster is undamaged, as well as other disasters. These are all still original, something very few still exists.

Cactus Canyon is a particularly nice closet. Although simple rules sheet, but with lots of humor and a good flow it remains a case that continues to attract attention.

Top Of course the drop targets / bad guys in the middle of the field. "Shoot the bad guy, Sheriff."